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All the shinai we offer are crafted to be in accordance with the rules of the International Kendo Federation with regard to minimum weights, and maximum lenghts; however, some shinai, such as the premium Naomitsu hand-made shinai, and the "Bio" treated shinai vary a bit more, from normal to the heavier side by + 10 or 20 grams, than machine cut and finished shinai.

* NOTE: Shinai weight may diminish slightly due to dry conditions during shipment or storage upon receipt. Chiba Budougu checks all shinai for regulations weight upon dispatch, and cannot be held liable for shinai drying/weight change following delivery. We recommend storing shinai in high-humidty areas, or by resealing shinai in their plastic shipping bags along with a 5 cm x 5 cm piece of lettuce (to provide for moisture) in cases where a suitable moist environment is not available.

  • Michi - hand made Bio shinai
    ¥12,000 Choose Options Michi - hand made Bio shinai
    Size 39 only. This is a specially treated shinai, in which much of the water in the cellular spaces of the madake bamboo has been displaced, and replaced with a hard resin. Therefore the shinai is much less susceptible to...
  • Naomitsu Hand Made Shinai
    ¥9,500 Choose Options Naomitsu Hand Made Shinai
    Size 39 only. A hand-made shinai utilizing madake bamboo from the Tanba region of Kyoto. With a straight tubular shape, weight is distributed evenly along the body of the shinai. Very sturdy, the shinai are a...
  • Josui - hand made customizable shinai
    ¥8,200 Choose Options Josui - hand made customizable shinai
    Size 39 only. Production time: 4-6 weeks. The Josui (如水) is a hand-made koto shinai utilizing madake bamboo from Kyushu.   The diameter of the tsuka (at the tsuka-gashira) can be custom made, from 27mm to 30mm. 3...
  • Kunimitsu Bessaku - Nito-ryu Set
    ¥14,000 Choose Options Kunimitsu Bessaku - Nito-ryu Set
    Sold in boxes of 2 shinai (daito/shoto). A dobari shinai with weight balance low on the shinai, giving the sensation of a light tip. Waxed and polished, the Kunimitsu Bessaku is a beautiful shinai. Nito-ryu set built...
  • Fudou Tsuba-dome
    ¥1,200 Fudou Tsuba-dome
    Fudou Tsuba-dome.
  • Naginata Bamboo Blade
    ¥9,000 Naginata Bamboo Blade
    Sold in boxes of 5. Naginata bamboo blade for Shiai-yo Naginata. Prices are for box quantities...